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Physiotherapy and osteopathy

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Irene Estébanez

Physiotherapist since 2000 and Osteopath since 2011

Professional profile

Physiotherapist Col.588 Osteopath C.O.

Physical therapist since year 2000 and Ostheopath since 2011, I'm specialized in dealing with mechanichal pain in any part of the body: back and joint pain, headache, temporomandibular joint problems....

My treatment consists in slight manual techniques which are very effective. My therapy includes more sutile techniques as kinesiology or miofascial therapy, but also more invasive therapies as ostheopathy and dry needling. Depending on the characteristics of the patient and its pain, I choose the most accurate type of treatment for him.

Besides concentrating on the specific problem of the patient, I analize the global functioning of the body, in order to reach the origin of its synthoms. In many cases, pain has not a structural cause. It can be caused by bad nutritional habits, organ dysfunctions or psychological and emotional conflicts.

Specific training has been a constant in my professional career: learning new techniques and discovering new therapies in order to reach a faster recovery of the patient. I try also to involve the patient in this process by changing bad habits, doing exercise, etc...

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My Therapies


Physical therapy

Therapy which uses physical agents such as heat, cold, electric current, manual techniques and therapeutic exercise in order to relief acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain.

Some of the specific techniques I use are miofascial treatment, kinesiotape aplication and dry needling.

Other specific areas I manage are sports physiotherapy, traumatologic pain, pelvic floor treatment and temporomandibular joint problems.


Holistic therapy which promotes the body's innate ability to heal itself.

It deals with mechanical problems in any tissue of the body: bone, muscle, nerve, fascia, viscerae. It's a very complete therapy which includes structural, visceral and chranial manipulations.

A specific field of the osteopathy is the pediatric treatment, which solves problems in babies such as colic of the infant, bronchiolitis, persistent otitis, plagiocephaly, gastroesophagic reflux.


Holistic therapy which evaluates different aspects of the patient: structural, nutritional, emotional and electromagnetic disfunctions. It's an integral treatment which focuses on the origin of the patient's synthomps.

It includes manual techniques and prescription of nutritional supplements. Concerning the emotional area, this therapy makes the patient aware, that pain can be a reflex of not proper emotional management and gives him resources to manage them.

The functioning of the body can be also evaluated throuout the evaluation of the principal muscles, as they represent different organs of the body.

If you have any discomfort or pain, do not hesitate to consult me.

You can contact me and together we will find the best solution. Your body will thank you...



Training and experience


Aplied and holistic kinesiology training

Structural, nutritional, emotional and electromagnetic techniques.

Clínica Novarea

2014 - present time

Osteopathy certificate

Structural, visceral and chranial osteopathy (174 credits)

School of Osteopathy of Madrid

2005 - 2011

Erasmus scholarship

Practical training in different hospitals in Stockholm (Sweden)

Karolinska Institutet

2000 - 2001

Diploma of Physiotherapy

Diploma in physiotherapy (180 credits).

University of Valencia

1997 - 2000


Private practice

Physical Therapist and Osteopath in own private practice.

Private consultation

2013-present time

Traumatology and sports rehabilitation

Work as Physical therapist in private clinics in the field of traumatology and sports rehabilitation.

Private consultation

2002 - 2013

Part time teacher

Work as part time teachear at "Cardenal Herrera CEU" University

University of Physiotherapy of "Cardenal Herrera CEU"

2005 - 2006

Postgraduate research scholarship

Postgraduate research scholarship in the footwear section of the Biomechanichs Institute of Valencia.

Biomechanichs Institute of Valencia

2001 - 2002

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